Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh My God! I read Christian Fiction...And I liked it!

bookcover of LAST FAMILY STANDING by Jennifer Allee

Title:  Last Family Standing
Author:  Jennifer Allee
  • *Book Received through Amazon Vine Program for review.

It's rare that you'll see me reviewing Christian fiction, mainly because I tend to find that heavy-handed messaging overshadows the plot of the stories.

This is an exception. I really enjoyed this book.

The messaging is more in the way that people treat each other. There's a lot of growth, respect, and some really great people who learn how to accept, forgive, and love - and all without the author hitting you over the head with it.

Now, I do need to be honest, the reason I selected this book (aside from an interest in the basic plot) was that I love reality shows like Survivor. And if, like me, you enjoy those shows, you'll love this. The author obviously watches the shows and it comes through how much she enjoys them.

But for those of you who don't love reality shows, the story itself will get you through. It's hopeful, sad, joyful, and just a great story about love and the true meaning of family.

Is it Christian? Yes. Some of the characters mention their faith more than once, but these are the kinds of Christians who represent the best out there. They are tolerant, humorous, kind, they make mistakes and may not always do the right thing, but they are, at heart, good people.

Yet, I can't give it five stars.

There's a very sweet romance in the novel that was very rushed in the end. I felt a little cheated when the author basically told us what happened with that, rather than showing us. And there's a little too much fairy tale in how everything works out. I needed a little more reality in their family situations and a little less 'neatly tied up in a pretty package'.

But I would read the author again in a heartbeat - Christian fiction or not. She simply tells a good story!

Four Stars.


  1. I was intrigued by the plot of this one before seeing what category it was in, so I'm glad to hear that it's good. I may read it myself if I ever catch up a bit on my backlog.

  2. I was 1/3 into a Christian book before I realized it was a religious book. The book was excellent, btw, how a family coped with a drug addicted daughter. The author gave concrete examples of what to do and how to cope. I just ignored the religious aspect.

    1. I've done that as well. In this case, I knew it was Christian going in, but I'm a Survivor fan. I had to read it.

      The book isn't at all preachy and the story of the relationship with the mother and the daughter she gave up for adoption was pretty stellar!

  3. I've found that I really enjoy a few of the Christian authors. They do it the right way and just let their characters show the religion by living a good Christian life throughout the book. They still struggle with things, but they have their faith to help them through it.

    I've read others where it seems that every other word was a scripture quote or "God is great" comment and I felt like I was being beaten over the head with it.