Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J Horror

bookcover of SHINIGAMI EYES by Cheree and Adam Smith

I don't normally recommend books at the halfway point, but  Shinigami Eyes by Cheree and Adam Smith is worth the preorder.  (Also available on KU for subscribers.)   This is a sharp - and creepy - J Horror/YA book.

The book features Rin, a half Japanese / half Australian heroine, who is sent to her Grandfather's house in Tokyo as punishment following a tragedy - a tragedy she blames on a strange little girl who she claims has been following her most of her life.  A very dangerous little girl.

But escape to Japan doesn't mean escape from her problems.  In fact, tragedy follows Rin to Japan and may strike at everything she loves.

I'll let you know if it all falls apart in the end, but so far...Loving it!

* Review Copy Provided by the Author

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  1. Darn you, Poet. You made me spend money. But at least it wasn't a lot.

    Thanks, PamT~