Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm going all fangirl over "First Impressions" by Charlie Lovett

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: A Novel of Old Books, Unexpected Love, and Jane Austen by Charlie Lovett
I read "First Impressions" by Charlie Lovett yesterday and got absolutely nothing done.  The book  started out a little slow for me trying to get two main characters going but once I got into the groove, it sucked me in like crazy and I couldn't put it down.  And I wasn't even tempted to skip ahead to the end to see what happened!

This is truly a book for book lovers.  What's funny is that at a time when I am trying to reduce the number of books I have lying around my house, this book made me want to hang out in antiquarian book shops and browse.  And smell the smell of old books.  I loved the parts of the book where Sophie and her uncle were talking about books or sitting and reading together or shopping for books.

In addition to being about loving books, this book is about Jane Austen.  There is both a storyline about Jane that takes place in the past and a present-day mystery surrounding P&P.  Hard core Janeites might hate parts of this book because a fictional older gentleman visiting the neighboring earl critiques early drafts of S&S and P&P and gives Jane suggestions on how to improve the stories (such suggestions now being part of the finished products).  It may seem like heresy to suggest that anyone else had a hand in such beloved books, but I'm not a hard core Janeite so it didn't bother me.

I want to tell everyone to read this book.

I received this book free from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a review.

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