Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Here There Be Dragons…

Author: Keith Yatsuhashi
Publisher: Angry Robot
Publication Date: 8/2/16

And what dragons they are!  (Okay, I should have said ‘be’ here, but my inner grammar nazi is complaining.)

Kojiki, by Keith Yatsuhashi is a wonderfully fantastical tale of dragons, ancient spirts, and the modern day world.  Keiko is a wonderful character.  I enjoyed her struggle to believe what was happening, but enjoyed it even more when she embraced her dangerous adventure.   The book will hit all the right notes for anyone with an interest in Japanese culture and mythology.

But really, I was there for the dragons.  These fierce guardians are awe-inspiring.  Huge, dangerous, and everything dragons should be.   I could practically see them attack as I read!

If I had one nitpick with the book, it was that I didn’t love the things that happened in the US quite as much.  That particular storyline held little interest for me at first.  Other than that, this was a terrific read!

·         ARC Provided by Net Galley

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