Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hey, Author...Yes, You. Your Book Needs an Ending!

Note:  Most of the books in this photo are keepers that I 
have NOT wanted to throw against a wall. 

I'm noticing a theme in some of my reviews lately.   As every single book out there becomes part of The Dreaded Trilogy (okay, slight exaggeration, but a lot of them!), authors aren't ending their books. 

I'm reading along at a fevered pace.  It's epic.  I love the hero and hate the villain.  I'm hoping that YA girl chooses boy B (or C or D) or that she defeats the evil queen.  I am excited.  Suddenly, our heroine races through the castle.  She's about to confront the baddie.  The baddie sees her and smiles and…

Wait a second.  Where's the next page?

If I'm reading a physical book, I'm likely throwing the book against a wall.  If it's on Kindle, I lovingly lower my Kindle before muttering curses.  And then I write my review.  And can you guess what happens next?  Five stars becomes two or three stars because instead of ending the book feeling like I need a cigarette or a drink, I'm irritated with the author. Okay, I don't actually smoke, but you know what I mean. I feel cheated. 

The Art of the Cliffhanger is one that needs studying by many of today's authors.

I'm not sure if what I'm writing here is a rant or more of a plea.  Tie up most of the loose ends.  Yes, you can leave one or two open for the next book, but the reader should feel like something - anything - was concluded in this book. 

You see, I'm not only investing my money and time in your book, I'm investing my heart and soul.  You've left me laughing, gasping, or crying.  I'm riding this journey with you.  And I deserve an ending…even if it isn't happy.

And in exchange, I promise that I won't throw your book against the wall!

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